Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International

Need computers for your Community Technology Center, School, or NPO (not-for-profit organization) in Jinja and other locations in Uganda? Check out these guys at Computer Aid International based out of London, England.

I watched a short news program about this organization on BBC World TV last October 2003, and they have been ramping-up their efforts to distribute used computers to communities and organizations in the developing world ever since. There are a number of organizations and corporations with similar programs to help bridge the Digital Divide through intelligent recycling of IT technology hardware, and CAI is one of the outstanding ones.

Spend some time on their website learning about what they do and how it works, then let me know how you could use such a service in Uganda or elsewhere via the comments section of this posting.

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yvette said...

We received 95 computers from ComputerAid this year. 15 of them were destroyed on its way here unfortunately. We've distributed them to organizations from various sectors, yes it does work.

It was a great help to those who are just starting to learn how to use computers. In this resource-stricken country, it changed the lives of women and young people who are quite determined to learn the technology.